Commercial Exterior Facility Maintenance

Commercial Exterior Facility Maintenance

Texas Pride Cleaning Solutions LLC specializes in maintaining your companies exterior to ensure your hi traffic areas and other places effected by the Texas elements are treated and cleaned properly. Having a clean building attracts more clients, ensures employees appreciate their facility while promoting safety and health for all. Dirt, pollen, and mold/algae from sitting water can cause areas to be a slip hazard and could injury a client or employee.
Routine cleaning of all exterior surfaces and building coverings is recommended to prevent missing potential damages that could lead to costly repairs and again, keeps all areas clean and presentable. Power washing services include the traditional pressure washing but also now utilizes a detergent soft wash system that is good for any surface or building cover.

    • Concrete
    • Brick
    • Stucco
    • Stone
    • Metal
    • Painted Surfaces
    • Windows
    • Parking garage floor cleaning
    • Exterior facility cleaning
    • Sand Blasting
    • Parking lot striping
    • Window Cleaning
    • Equipment Rental (man lifts, generators, portable light stands, compressors)

Texas Pride Cleaning Solutions has the ability and equipment to reclaim any dirty water and remove from site. TPCS is a State of Texas Certified Vendor and licensed by the City of Houston for Water Reclamation.
Contact Texas Pride Cleaning Solutions today to schedule your free estimate and start your exterior maintenance program.

Stephen Golightly
Owner TPCS

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